Professional Renderings

In an age of digital renderings indistinguishable from photographs, the value of rendering by hand should not be underestimated. Tradition has established watercolor as a language of architecture not limited to the École des Beaux-Arts. The translation of schematic sketches to comprehensive views is a natural progression when realized by hand. It is efficient in its ability to evolve through the process while addressing the fine grain details and dimensions only as needed, and it's familiarity encourages comprehension by architects and clients alike. The precision of computer drafting and modeling has become essential for construction. It is a vital skill that must be developed, but it does not have to be at the expense of rendering by hand. The craftsmanship and beauty of well-designed architecture lies in the process as much as the product.

These hand-drafted and painted renderings of professional projects study the buildings relative to their sites and intended uses according to the needs of the clients and the particular objectives of each project in a single composition.

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